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Things To Know About Our Events

Things To Know and What to Expect

Here is a list of things that are helpful for new participants:

1.  There are Local, State, Regional, National and International Events

  • Local events - These are events coordinated by the host tournament director and approved by the CUSAW Events Director.  The event director is the tournament host club and the host "runs" the tournament with guidance and oversight from CUSAW.  All participants must have a current USA Wrestling Card.  The USA Mat Officials will be in charge of weigh in's and a Head Mat Official and Pairings Official will be assigned to the event.    
  • State Events - these include the "Qualifiers" and the State Tournament.  CUSAW runs these tournament and is in charge of the event.  The tournament director for these events is the CUSAW Events Director.  Licensed Pairing Officials operate the brackets and competition system in accordance with USA Wrestling Rules.  The Pairing Officials are under the oversight of the CUSAW Director of Pairing Officials and Mat Officials are under the oversight of the CUSAW Director of Mat Officials.
  • Regional Events - We have one regional event assigned to Colorado.  We are in the Southern Plains Region. USA Wrestling and the regional event host are in charge of this event.  CUSAW Mat Officials and Pairing Officials are involved along with each CUSAW State Age group Director (Junior Director, Cadet Director, Women’s Director, and Kid's Director).  There are other regional events that may be attended by any athlete, coach, official with a USA Card.
  • National Events - National events consist of dual team events and individual events for folkstyle, freestyle and greco.  USA Wrestling is in charge of these events.       
  • International Events - These events are identified by a separate system so they will refer to "FILA" rules and systems.  See USA Web site for these tournaments.  

2.  Weigh-in's - CUSAW events require weigh-ins at all events.  If satellite weigh-ins are allowed they must be done by a licensed Mat Official that certifies the weigh-in.  Local tournaments will include the same elements and mechanisms as regional and national events to train and prepare all athletes, officials and participants.  Each athlete will be required to weigh-in in a competition singlet only with no socks.  Fingernails and skin checks are always completed with the weigh-in structure.  At local events athletes may weigh-in anytime the doors are open.  At regional and national events athletes form a line in their singlet and weigh-in as a group.  Coaches and parents are encouraged to monitor and inspect athletes frequently for skin disease and be familiar with these procedures.  

When you arrive at a tournament you will check-in and receive a weigh-in card for both pre-registration tournaments and walk-up tournaments.  USA Cards are required to be shown at registration.