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CUSAW Events, Divisions and Information

CUSAW Event Information

The USA Wrestling System uses names for age categories, example is Schoolboys (Middle School), Cadets (freshman/sophmore) and Junior (Junior/Senior).

It is important to understand that USA Wrestling has rules associated with competition are strict regarding adherance to age categories.

USA Wrestling Events include local, State, Regional, National and International Events.  All of these events use a standard "Guide Book" published by USA Wrestling each year.  Every coach that purchases a USA Coaching card is sent a Guide Book each year.  The USA Guide Book is helpful to understand the rules and scoring for all events. 

Event rules are defined by the USA Wrestling.  Rule changes can occur at any time and also are updated during the season on the USA Wrestling web site, CUSAW web site, Mat Officials and Pairings Officials.

Wrestlers must compete in distinctive red or blue apparel that meets the requirements in the USA Wrestling for State and Regional Events.    

Headgear is required for Schoolboy Age Division and below only.     

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