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CUSAW Welcome To New Web Site

Colorado USA Wrestling Welcomes You

Welcome to CUSAW Wrestling

Colorado USA Wrestling or "CUSAW" is a State of Colorado not-for-profit organization and also has a IRS 501(C)3.  This organization is a "State Affiliate" of the United States National Governing Body of Olympic Wrestling "USA Westling."  We are proud of our sport and the CUSAW organization and have a rich history of hard work and perseverance in the interest of young male and female athletes who may have dreams and aspirations to compete at the Olympic level.  

The summer Olympics include three international athletic competitions in the sport of wrestling; Mens Greco Roman, Women's Freestyle, and Mens Freestyle. The international FILA Olympic Wrestling System is very similar to the USA Wrestling System.  Our program is designed to prepare the U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team for athletic competition.

Why do the rules of Freestyle and Greco change?  The answer is that Olympic Competition is an "amateur sport" and all the rules of Olympic competition change from year to year to provide younger athletes a equal "athletic" competition in this amateur Olympic event.  

In 2013 immediately after the vote by the US IOC to reinstate Wrestling into the Olympics, the USA Wrestling Rules changed back to the system used about 20 years ago. This was a welcome change supported by most countries with a history of wrestling.  As we approach the coming season we are excited to compete with accumulative scoring and an overall more exciting system.