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Updated Rules from USAW

04/01/2018, 7:30am MDT
By Paul Trygstad

New Rules Effective Now - Info From Zach Errett, USAW

CUSAW Membership - Please note that these rule clarifications will likely change again  May 1, 2018 after Western regionals and the U.S. Open.  Our clear instruction is to make these effective April 2, 2018 for local and state competition.  Thanks, Paul Trygstad, CUSAW Mat Official Director

From Zach:

As you may have heard some of Freestyle and Greco-Roman rules have changed.  There were some changes at the beginning of the year from UWW and then a few more updates this past month.  We will be using these rules at our USAW events this coming year and have been approved by the JOWC and are effective as of today.  We (USAW) will not be waiting until April 2nd.  

If something is not mentioned below, that means that it is still the same as last year and there wasn't a change.  I am only going to highlight the changes that were made.

  1. Cautions in FS are mainly Caution + 1-point.  The only exception is fleeing the mat in the danger position which would be a Caution + 2-points.
  2. Cautions in GR are mainly Caution + 2-points.  The only exception is offensive leg fouls and the 2nd one would be a Caution + 1-point.
  3. Emphasis on Negative Wrestling in GR.  This is blocking by putting their head down, posting hands on the chest to prevent locks, grabbing the fingers, etc....  Basically this is anything that is preventing being able to hook and take a lock.  This should first be stopped and an Attention/Warning given to the wrestler.  If it continues, it would a Caution + 2-points (GR).  These situations are not such a big deal in FS.
  4. Other Negative Wrestling - Fleeing the Mat, Posting 2 hands to the face, etc... should be be a direct Caution + 1 (FS) or 2 (GR).  No warning is needed.
  5. Leg Fouls - Offensive - same process as before - 1st time = Attention/Warning, 2nd time = Caution + 1-point (only caution + 1 in GR).
  6. Leg Fouls - Defensive - 1st time = Caution + 2-points (the wrestler still has a chance to finish the action and score points) - 2nd time = Disqualification from the match - This is only with Defensive leg fouls.  You will have to indicate on the bout sheet if it was a defensive leg foul.
  7. 3 Cautions still equals disqualification from a match.  This did not change.  Any combination of 3 cautions would equal disqualification.
  8. Mat Chairman must confirm all Falls, Passivity and Cautions.
  9. GR Passivity - this is different than Negative Wrestling and should be kept separate
    • 1st period  - only one passivity can be called - Active wrestler would receive 1-point and have choice of standing or par terre
    • 2nd period - same process as above - there can only be one ordered par terre position per period - any additional passivity would be 1-point and would not stop the match to give (similar to last year)
    • Main point is that you can only have one ordered par terre position per period.  If it is not needed in the 1st period, that is good.  Then in the 2nd, you can only make one passivity call and that would result in the par terre position.
    • There is no time limits to when this should be called.  However, it should not be called very quickly at the start.  The wrestlers need ample time to score. If they are blocking, it is most likely Negative Wrestling and should be enforced as described above.

     10. Par Terre position - bottom guy is flat and top guy as both knees down and off to the side and hands point forward on the back.  This is for both FS and GR.

     11. Consultations/ Conferences - The mat chairman can still have a conference but cannot look at the video during that time.  The only time video can be looked at is during an official challenge.  Most events do not have video review so this is not a big issue.

This may look complicated but there really weren't too many changes and most impacted GR more than FS.  I would encourage you to watch the video that is linked on the USWOA website that covers the Updated Rule Changes.  This is probably the best tool to use to see the changes along with some video examples.  The link to the video is: 

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